Natural Stone

Is there anything as beautiful as natural stone? Is there anything more misunderstood than natural stone? For a quality natural stone installation the following questions need to be answered.

Far and away, a natural stone can be the most beautiful and dramatic product you can use. However, because it is a natural product, much greater care must be taken in the preparation, installation and maintenance of your project. To avoid being to repetitive, I would read the page on Tile Floors as all of that information pertains to stone plus….

What type of stone?

Marble? Travertine? Limestone? Slate? Granite? Each one of these products is completely different with different preparation, installation and maintenance requirements. Which is right for you? We really would need to discuss your specific project to give you the best answer.

Honed or Polished?

In general, the more polished the stone, the greater the chance of scratches appearing and more maintenance to keep that like new appearance. Honed surfaces will generally look better longer on most floors with less maintenance required.

Tumbled Marble?

To fill or not to fill, that is the question. In most cases, by filling the voids in tumbled marble, you can prevent other dirt, soap scum and the like from filling those holes later on.

Why doesn’t it all look the same?

Part of the beauty of a natural product is that it does not look the same. Every job is unique to that particular batch of stone. Your neighbors travertine shower and your travertine shower while similar, will not be the same. It is important to realize that there can be significant differences between different batches of stone.

Sealer, Impregnator or Enhancer?

All natural products need to be sealed in some way before grouting so the pigments in the grout color do not stain your new tile. Simply put, a sealer does just that, it seals the surface generally with a minimum of color change, to protect the surface of the stone. An impregnator is designed to penetrate the stone, giving you a greater amount of stain protection. An enhancer is designed to seal the stone while bringing out the colors of the stone that may not be so obvious.


All stone products will require some type of ongoing maintenance to keep their natural beauty. If you are looking for a low maintenance product, you’ll probably be happier with tile in the long run.

Details, details

To make sure your new marble looks its best, all marble installations are sealed and all exposed edges of the marble are bullnosed and polished if necessary.

So, for a quality natural stone installation, give Floor U Installation a call!