Frequently asked (or not asked) Questions

· Why is there such a difference between my estimates from different contractors?

In most circumstances, there should not be large differences between estimates from professionals for the same work, using the same methods, with the same materials. If you have several estimates and there is a large difference between them, I would consider the following: Is the scope of the work the same? Are the materials the same? Is the experience level the same? As you know, quite often, a “cheap” price now costs a lot more later.

· What can I do to save some money?

In short, the “dirty work.” Having all material at the job site prior to installation, removing old flooring, moving furniture, and moving

· What is included in this estimate?

All work as listed on the estimate, plus undercutting all door facings where required, and “normal” subfloor preparation. Removal of all related construction debris, clean up of job site.

· Is there anything not included in this estimate that could cost me more money?

Unfortunately, at times, there are some situations unforeseen at the time of the estimate that could result in additional charges. These could include among others, a cracked concrete subfloor, a subfloor not within industry standards for flatness, levelness, or deflection (movement) or new plumbing connections for commodes, sinks or refrigerators, to name a few. You will be consulted as soon as a situation arises that would change the terms of our agreement.

· How long is this going to take?

The length of time an installation takes is not only related to the square footage of the area but is also directly related to the amount of preparation involved, the level of detail on the job, and what is required to do the job properly. All jobs are worked from start to finish to minimize the time required to complete the installation.

· What do I need to do before my floor is installed?

Remove all small items from floor, clean out closet floors, remove lowest shelves in closets (if possible) Nick nacks and other small items should be removed from shelves and other areas prior to the installers arrival. Computers and other electronics should be disconnected and when possible moved by the customer. Pictures or other items hanging on a wall should also be removed prior to installation. We do ask that our customers move small pieces of furniture, i.e. table chairs, and other types of furniture that can be easily moved by one person. If we are removing your commode, please clean it prior to our arrival

What are the payment requirements?

I require all materials to be paid in full, plus a 25% deposit on labor in order to schedule a job. Much like a guaranteed hotel reservation, I have a limited amount of time to schedule and it is based on a “first come-first served” basis. All balances are to be paid the day of job completion.

· Why should I wait for you, this “other guy” can start tomorrow?

Simply said, a reputation for consistent quality and strength of character. I am very fortunate to remain busy through referrals from satisfied customers. Because of this, I rarely am able to start a job “tomorrow” However, I can definitely say that based on past customers satisfaction, you will not be sorry that you waited.